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Gala evening to celebrate 150 YEARS OF HAMBERGER

From modest beginnings in 1866, the different generations of the family have developed Hamberger to become a world leading company over the past 150 years. The fifth generation has taken over the reins and a sixth is waiting in the wings: yet what is really special is that the handover from one generation to the next has been seamless. "This is like a unifying thread", says Peter Hamberger as he reflected on the company's 150-year history. A wonderful gala evening was celebrated with some 700 guests and business partners from all over the world on 2 June 2016.

Once the company sets about something, it does it properly and comprehensively, explained Peter Hamberger in his welcome address. This was the motto already espoused by Franz Paul Hamberger, who founded the company in 1866. And this is also the motto that prevailed yesterday throughout the wonderfully atmospheric gala evening, which was framed musically by the orchestra, choir and soloists of Gut Immling under the direction of Cornelia von Kerssenbrock in Parquet Plant 4, which had been specially converted into a ballroom for the occasion. 

The host for the evening, Eva Grünbauer from SAT 1, led the guests charmingly through the evening and prised the odd secret from Peter Hamberger and Dr. Peter M. Hamberger. Ms. Grünbauer was also curious herself to know how the family business always managed to successfully hand over responsibility: "It's all down to a love for the business and the virtue of patience", replied Dr. Peter M. Hamberger quick-wittedly. He has been running the business together with his father since 2002, supplying to 90 countries around the globe with some 2,400 employees and subsidiaries. 

District administrator Wolfgang Berthaler was the first keynote speaker and spoke about the family dynasty: "This is a dynasty that knows who it is and what it wants." As a former banker, he also praised the company culture. "A family business is less prone to indebtedness and has a more intense relationship with its employees." And he ventured to make a comparison with the festival orchestra: "They bang the drum and call the tune." He is proud to have such a company in his district.

Bavaria's Minister of Economic Affairs, Ilse Aigner, who was also present on the evening in her role as Deputy Prime Minister of Bavaria, praised in particular the innovative power and foresight of the company's management against the backdrop of the challenges the company has had to face.  

Peter Hamberger took a trip through time to reflect on the company's 150-year history from the initial founding of Hamberger through to the year 2000.  

"It all started, quite literally, with a burning idea", said the 79-year old host to the appreciation of the audience. That's because Franz Paul Hamberger founded a matchstick factory in 1866, having earned his money initially from a trading and transportation business. It would be 117 years later before this branch of the business would be closed. The small matchsticks formed the nucleus and foundation for the medium-sized enterprise that has developed today.

The country lad from Westerndorf near Frasdorf demonstrated entrepreneurial qualities back then that still define the family today. Courage, vision, resolve, diversification. The matchstick factory was soon joined by a brickworks, an agricultural estate and a sawmill. Each generation has ensured that the company has grown and setbacks overcome.

Dr. Peter M. Hamberger ventured a look into the future: "My goal is that we are well prepared for the 21st century and remain true to the motto 'Rooted in the future for 150 years'", says the 49-year old company boss. Tradition and progress should remain the yardstick. 

There was a standing ovation at the end both for the 79-year old senior boss and company patriarch Peter Hamberger and for his lifelong achievements.

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