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Family-run company

Family enterprises are the backbone of the German economy and are much more popular than investor-driven corporations thanks to the leadership of entrepreneurial personalities. Hamberger Industriewerke is one of them.

Rosenheim - Entrepreneurship with a vision and values is prevailing: according to a recent study by Focus Money and the Cologne-based analysis and consulting expert Service Value, Hamberger Industriewerke is one of the most popular family-owned companies in Germany.


Particularly in times of political uncertainty and social upheavals, people are touched by values such as continuity, vision and sustainability. This is especially true for companies. Trust and sympathy are particularly enjoyed by companies led by charismatic founders and their descendants. Such family enterprises are the driving force behind success in the German economy, as they account for around 90 percent of all jobs. In addition, they are much less prone to extreme economic fluctuations, sudden takeovers or fatal wrong decisions. If the members of the founding family keep the reins in their hands, decisions are generally more far-sighted and oriented towards long-term perspectives.



Strict criteria characterise a family business


The weekly business magazine 'Focus Money' and the consultants and analysts of 'Service Value' carried out the 'Deutschland Test' for the second time in September and October 2016. The initial underlying criteria for being a "family business" were: the majority of votes must be on the family side, and for listed companies at least 35 percent of the voting rights. Consumers were asked by means of an online panel how, from their own experience, they assess the 500 family companies with the highest turnover from 'excellent' to 'bad'. Additional popularity points are gained by family entrepreneurs through far-sighted and sustainable decisions, as they are characterised to a larger extent by long-term perspectives rather than just profit. Employees, business partners and customers benefit equally from this kind of entrepreneurial thinking - and this is what they appreciate. Hamberger Industriewerke is among the 50 most popular companies in Germany, particularly with the HARO brand as one of the renowned manufacturers of parquet and the largest producer of toilet seats in Europe.

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