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Hamberger ranked as a leading innovator

Rosenheim - In the prestigious ranking of the weekly business magazine 'Wirtschaftswoche', Hamberger Industriewerke is among the 50 most innovative companies in Germany. This demonstrates once again that an innovative spirit is one of the most important characteristics of a successful medium-sized company.

Medium-sized companies that focus on innovation in their entrepreneurial activities are more successful on the market and enjoy a higher reputation in the industry. According to a recent study by the Wirtschaftswoche magazine, Hamberger Industriewerke is among the 50 most innovative companies in Germany. The consultancy Munich Strategy Group (MSG) has already carried out its third study for Wirtschaftswoche. Those who want to be among the most innovative medium-sized companies have to go through a multi-stage selection process. From all sectors, a total of 3,500 companies with an annual turnover of between ten million and one billion euros were asked. After a pre-selection, 400 companies were shortlisted for the prestigious ranking.

Not only economic indicators were taken into account

In addition to the economic results such as revenue growth and profitability, other factors were included to calculate the 'innovation score' of each company. For example: customers, business partners and industry experts were asked how innovative they thought the applying companies were. It was also analysed whether the company is characterised by constant innovation and whether there is a corporate culture that stimulates new ideas. Competitor companies were also asked whether the respective competitor was regarded as innovative. "Innovative companies grow faster and generate more sustainable earnings," says MSG founder Sebastian Theopold. 

For Hamberger Industriewerke, the economic experts calculated an innovation score of 127 which ranks it on place 37 among the top 50 companies in Germany. This ranking confirms the strategy of Hamberger Industriewerke of continually investing in the improvement of products, processes and technical solutions.

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