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Training programmes start at Hamberger

On 2 September 2019, 15 new young people began their training programmes at Hamberger. Dr Peter M. Hamberger and HR Director Jens Neumeyer welcomed the new trainees and their parents.

The welcome was followed by an introduction to the training programmes at Hamberger and a presentation about the company. Afterwards, the group toured the company and its production operation. The tour gave the new trainees an opportunity to see the company’s wide range of products for themselves and to observe how the company operates.

The new company employees are learning the following occupations:

  • Two new machine and facility technicians,
  • Four industrial mechanics,
  • Three electronics technicians,
  • Three industrial management assistants, 
  • Two assistants for office management and
  • One warehouse specialist

The new trainees experienced an event-filled first day at the company along with the entire training team.

During the first weeks of the training programmes, the new employees will attend seminars and take part in joint team activities that will enable them to get to know one another and the company much better.

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