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1,125 years of work for Hamberger

Stephanskirchen/ Ziegelberg – At the end of last year, Peter Hamberger and Dr Peter Hamberger honoured 45 employees who celebrated their 25th anniversary with the company. This amounts to a total of 1,125 years of service to Hamberger.

"Since you joined us 25 years ago, you have experienced many changes or have actively helped shape them. And you have always embraced the new tasks ahead," Dr Peter Hamberger emphasised in his speech. He emphasised that the company was very proud to have such a large number of employees working for Hamberger for such a long time and who have brought the company forward with their commitment, experience, flexibility and loyalty.

Looking back on the past 25 years, Dr Hamberger highlighted the individual milestones in Hamberger's development and recalled important events from society, politics and sport. Afterwards, he outlined the professional development of the 45 employees:

Ms Maria Binder, Ms Nunziata Calabro, Ms Gülay Demir, Mr Maximilian Eiler, Mr Johann Englmaier, Ms Kunigunde Ettmüller, Mr Sergei Flach, Mr Alexander Frik, Ms Sabine Gaßner, Ms Rita Grasso, Mr Walter Hieke, Mr Roland Hiller, Mr Christian Huber, Ms Ingrid Hujer-Seebacher, Mr Alexander Karsten, Mr Nail Korkmaz, Mr Markus Krebsbach, Mr Juri Kreps, Mr Waldemar Kufliewsky, Ms Kerstin Lämmlein, Mr Michail Mathes, Ms Sylvie Meixner, Mr Reinhard Müller, Ms Karin Piezinger, Mr Johannes Popp, Mr Waldemar Lieder, Ms Galina Rolew, Mr Michael Sander, Mr Wassili Schäfer, Ms Valeri Schmidke, Mr Volker Schnell, Mr Ingo Schütze, Mr Wojciech Siwiec, Mr Andrej Sperling, Ms Maria-Josefa Szabo, Ms Ludmilla Vorrat, Mr Viktor Vorrat, Mr Kurt-Joachim Weise, Ms Döndü Yamur and Mr Andre Zingel can look back on 25 years of being a part of Hamberger (five employees were not able to attend the celebration).

Peter Hamberger and Dr Peter Hamberger expressed their gratitude to the employees for their services and wished them all the best for the future.

Following the words of welcome from the 2nd Mayor Karl Mair from Stephanskirchen, all the employees celebrating the anniversary received a gift from the municipality and a certificate of honour from Hamberger. As a sign of appreciation and gratitude, they also received a loyalty bonus and a Hamberger gift basket.

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