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Sports floors: HARO Sports

Top-class competitions, events but also concerts are held worldwide on more than 12,000 installed sports floors from HARO Sports. The HARO Sports corporate division was founded in 1958 when we utilised our know-how from the manufacture of parquet to develop a sports floor. Quickly recognising the huge demand in this area, we immediately began developing sport floors made of parquet as well as elastic floor coverings for school gymnasiums, multi-purpose halls through to large sports arenas. Organisers of large, international sporting events, such as the Olympic Games in Munich or Peking, were also quickly convinced by our production processes. Our mobile HARO sports floor, which has been certified by FIBA and complies with the ÖISS 2005 regulations, is a technical highlight. This flooring fulfils all requirements of modern high-performance sport and is therefore already used by a majority of German national league basketball teams. Our mobile sports floors are likewise used worldwide at ATP tennis tournaments. Our portfolio is rounded off by mobile outdoor solutions. The HARO PROTECT system with protective walls and door system was added to the range in 2014, thus ensuring a coherent hall appearance and at the same time optimum safety features and other properties essential for sports applications. 


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