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WC seats: Hamberger Sanitary

The Hamberger Sanitary corporate division is synonymous with WC seats that meet the strictest standards of hygiene and quality – and have done so since 1912. Hamberger has established itself as a leading manufacturer of toilet seats in Europe and manufactures a broad and varied range of WC seats for both private and commercial applications. In addition to hygiene and easy fitting, comfort and design are among the most important customer requirements in both segments. Our range includes just under 300 different shapes, making it the most comprehensive product range in Europe. Apart from design and colour, our top-quality WC seats also stand out in terms of material and style: with duroplastic or thermoplastic, with the patented SoftClose® automatic closing system or TakeOff® technology, with classically elegant, puristic or stylish design and of course in exactly the right colour tone to provide the ideal ambience for your requirements. Our wealth of know-how, technology leadership, numerous patents and noteworthy design awards are the result of our ongoing progressive development.


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