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Corporate social responsibility

We are a company that bases its global business activities on high ethical and legal standards. We assume responsibility in our collaboration with customers and suppliers and also meet our corporate social obligations. The principles described here are the foundations on which we rely to meet our ethical, moral and legal requirements.

The responsible use of resources and respect for nature and the environment is an important fundamental basis for our actions. Preserving and monitoring safety at work serves to maintain the health and well-being of our employees. We respect human rights and are committed to ensuring that these rights are observed. We speak out against any type of discrimination. Employees are recruited and promoted on the basis of their qualifications and skills. We reject all forms of child and forced labour in our company and among our business partners.

Equal rights for men and women is a living reality at Hamberger. Whenever you find use of the male form on our website, it refers to both male and female colleagues.



Code of conduct

We condemn all forms of corruption, oppression and bribery. Employees are forbidden to become involved in such practices – in any manner whatsoever. Superiors in each case are responsible for ensuring in the context of local conditions and laws that no employee makes or authorises a payment or gift to a customer if the intention is to secure a business deal. Any attempt by suppliers to influence our employees through donations is severely sanctioned.