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Entrepreneurial responsibility

"We create quality of life." This slogan is a commitment that applies for the day-to-day work of all corporate divisions and that determines cross-department collaboration. This commitment, like our values, is based on the principles of responsibility, transparency, sustainability and fairness. As a family-business, we place great emphasis on committed employees and on a corporate culture that aims to ensure shared success. 

Our basic values

  • Family-owned business
  • Innovation
  • Customer orientation
  • Employee orientation
  • Sustainability
  • Production company
  • Quality awareness
  • Responsibility
  • Economic success

"We create quality of life – our value system in detail:


Family-owned business

As a family business founded in 1866, our entrepreneurial action is guided by a long-term philosophy. Our decisions are shaped by sustainability and are aimed at passing on the company successfully and successively to the next generation.



Our understanding of responsibility is derived from our history. We make conscious commitments to society, the environment and our employees. Entrepreneurial decisions are always made on the basis of a structured balancing of interests in order to ensure we meet our responsibilities.


Employee orientation

Challenge and promote – these are the guiding principles of our employee orientation. Helpfulness, teamwork, recognition, loyalty, reliability and honesty and openness characterise interaction in the company. This is how we create a corporate culture in which we offer our employees excellent development opportunities through targeted education and training. The most important asset in our eyes are employees who are proud to be part of the company.



We see our innovative drive as a guarantee of the success of our products on the market. By continually developing our know-how in the company and creating a dynamic culture of innovation, we can deliver solutions on an ongoing basis that provide us with clear competitive advantages.


Customer orientation

The products we develop and successfully place on the market are always the result of our highly developed customer orientation. We are in constant dialogue with consumers and take time to address their needs and wishes. This knowledge flows directly into development and influences all processes. This allows us to address the future requirements of our customers today.


Production company

As a producing company, we retain control over all important processes in the company – from the initial drawing through to the final product. This makes us independent of external influences and ensures a continuous development of know-how and thus the ability to adapt processes in the shortest possible time.


Quality awareness

Our global standing as a premium manufacturer is thanks to the uncompromising standard of quality we demand of our products. Our products are the epitome of functionality, perfect finishing and ultimate durability.


Economic success

Economic success is the foundation for the continued existence and growth of the company, for safeguarding jobs and for ensuring an awareness of social responsibility. Each employee contributes on a daily basis to the economic success of the company through their personal actions.



Ecological sustainability to us means responsible use of resources and respect for nature and the environment. Moreover, we understand sustainability to mean ensuring the long-term success of our company.