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Sustainable management

Our understanding of sustainability is based on what is technically possible and economically feasible. As a globally active industrial company, a variety of different resources go into the manufacture of our products. These are the resources we need to produce our products – products that are valued the world over for their quality, their functionality and their durability. It is a given for us that we only consume the resources that are absolutely imperative to meet the demands of the technically advanced production processes in our plants. Moreover, we do not use materials and substances that are harmful to the environment. All waste wood resulting from wood processing is converted fully into energy in our own biomass power plant. This allows us to supply thousands of households with the electricity they need on a daily basis. Thanks to our own hydropower plant on the company's premises, we have access to another resource for generating electricity. In addition, we only process wood from certified forests and completely renounce use of PVC and softeners that are harmful to the environment in our plastic floor coverings. We are recognised for this regularly by renowned institutions.

We are committed to

  • minimum use of important resources.
  • maximum energy efficiency.
  • avoidance of unnecessary transport.
  • avoidance of the processing of substances that are harmful to the environment.
  • strict compliance with all legal environmental conditions.
  • optimum care and diligence in the selection of suitable raw materials.